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How to Make Money with Email Marketing?

Are you looking for a way to market your business and drive traffic? I know that email marketing can be an effective tool in this regard. If you want tips on how to make it happen, read the following article:  In here, we will discuss what email marketing is as well as where one might get emails of potential customers or clients. We will also touch upon some benefits associated with using such tactics so do not miss out!

Email Marketing is an automated way of sending regular newsletters containing valuable information on a niche, announcements about products, discounts/sales offer, company news, etc.

The most important thing is developing long-term relationships by providing value-added content that users in your niche want to know.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing allows you to promote your business or website and any product with the help of email. It is a highly effective way for businesses connect themselves directly as well as digitally with customers to generate sales of their products, make regular customers, and more!

Promoting your business through email may be one of the most effective ways you can reach out. You need to make sure not to overload those inboxes by sending too many messages that do not pertain directly back to a specific campaign’s goal (or risk getting flagged!)

Email marketing will always remain an important facet of digital advertising because people want convenience when they are trying find something new or learn about any discounts available on items they might like

Importance of Email Marketing

Email marketing has become essential for a variety of businesses, including those in the digital sector. The demand for email marketing is increasing rapidly because it can be used to boost product sales and nurture leads through building relationships with customers.

A recent survey found that more than half (59%) of marketers say their number-one priority this year will be growing customer retention rates via email campaigns.

Then 44% said they will focus on generating revenue from emails by using them as lead magnets or incentivizing purchases when someone signs up for an offer or promotion online.

There were 36%, who view nurturing new prospects who visit their website via engaging content delivered directly into inboxes as something worth investing time and money in over the next 12 months.

Top Communication Channel

Consumers check their email every day! Email marketing is not only the number one communication channel, but it is also a reliable source of traffic.

If you are looking to get your message out there and increase brand awareness, then an effective way to do this is through utilizing email marketing traffic as a top-rated communications channel for communicating with customers.

Most Secure Way

Your email list is the only marketing strategy you can count on! Social media networks are unpredictable and inconsistent. You could be banned with no warning, but your email list will always be there to help you promote your products or services.

Response on Email Marketing

It is no secret that email marketing is a powerful way to reach an audience. The best part about it? It also provides the highest return on investment of any other form!

The ROI (Return on Investments) for email marketing is 4400% higher than any other form of advertising.

How to Set Up Email Marketing?

In a world where we are constantly being bombarded with promotions and ads, there is no better way to get your message across than via email. The beauty of this method is that it is personalized for each recipient so you can really tailor the content to their interests.

There are many ways you could go about an email marketing campaign but for them all to be effective, they have one thing in common: personalization! With more people opening emails on mobile devices now than ever before (over half!) keeping things short and simple will not only make sure your readers read what is written but also increase conversions.

Set Up an Email Campaign

The first step to set up a campaign is to sign up for an email autoresponder then start building an email list. Without having a targeted email list, you cannot do email marketing.

Do not worry if building an email list sounds overwhelming or intimidating. Most blogs nowadays, there’s usually a form for people to enter their name and e-mail address.

The form is set up by the blog or website owner to offer an ebook or valuable niche specific information. This offer needs to be enticing enough for them to give you a name and email.

You must set up an email campaign using companies like Moosend, GetResponse or Aweber.

Set Up a Goal for Your Campaign

The best way to start a campaign is by first setting your goal. Before you can even get started, it’s important that you know what the end result will be and why there are doing this in the first place. It could also help if we knew who our target audience was so our marketing efforts would have more of an impact on them than just hoping for luck with random people out there browsing through their inboxes or having some sort of interest related to us as marketers from within.

There are many ways one might set goals – whether they want something small like hitting 500 subscribers (which is not too difficult).

You may be looking at financial goals like making $10,000 profit off sales in a year for your email campaigns!

Other goals might be:

  • Designed in a way that helps you to promote your business, product, or services
  • The products and services should always match the taste of your targeted email lists
  • Never lose the trust of your customers by spamming
  • Always promote quality products via email marketing
  • Use perfect and attractive copywriting techniques
  • Always work to get positive reviews
  • Nurture existing subscribers by offering amazing deals
  • Focus on customer satisfaction rather than money

The bullets above should be kept in mind before setting up any campaign. It’s a fact that proper planning will increase the chances of your success.

Make an Incredible Eye-Catching Headline

Giving your customers a great first impression starts with the subject line. The best email headlines are eye-catching and creative, but it is not enough to write just any old thing.

You need to be highly creative because your email will go out to your email list of dedicated readers and customers. A good headline can get someone interested even if they do not read anything else after seeing it!

The secret sauce is crafting intriguing phrases such as “start saving now” for clients who have been loyal over time. You can use something like “last chance!” when promoting products before they expire.

Make sure you include some humour occasionally, so readers know this is not going to be another pitch to buy a product. You should mix up emails so some offer valuable information and others may offer discounts on whatever you sell.

Keep in mind one thing while creating a headline that it is your headline that will decide whether your email should be opened or not.

Never compromise with your headline.

Many top-notch products do not perform well just because of a lousy email subject line, and consumers do not open the mails. That is the power of email headlines.

Always Write an Engaging Email

Send your message to their inbox with a headline that will spark interest and convince them to open the email.

If you can do this, then congratulations! You have passed stage one of marketing.

The next step is crafting an enticing description for whatever product or service they are selling to make it irresistible enough for potential customers.

  • Write your paragraph concisely so the reader does not get bored. Keep sentences short for this purpose too!
  • Avoid long paragraphs because it disengages the reader from what is being said
  • Use formal language to seem professional but friendly at the same time while keeping things light-hearted as well
  • Do not be afraid of humour just as long as it fits into your message’s tone!
  • When writing about any technical aspect make sure there is enough detail
  • Always make use of the first person. It can give a feel to your customer that you are talking to them directly
  • If possible, use the name of your customer when addressing them or refer to it whenever applicable

Use an Effective and Eye-Catching Design

The design of your email is especially important. Professional and sleek templates will make the difference between an unappealing, sloppy-looking email to one that’s appealing and professional looking. A professional looking email will mean higher conversions for you!

Use Psychology to Boost Your Sale

Psychology is a powerful tool in the game of sales and understanding your customer can give you an edge.

Time-sensitive discounts are effective because they make people feel rushed to buy something before it is too late. There are many other approaches as well like “scarcity” where you tell them that there are only so many left.

You can also try upselling customers with items related to what they are looking for to buy.

Ways of Earning Through Email Marketing

The importance of email marketing cannot be overstated because when done correctly it generates more than $3B annually according to business2community’s report “Email Marketing Statistics.”

What are the best ways to make money with email marketing?

Email marketing offers many different strategies that can be used for growing a business. These methods include selling products and services, building relationships via content delivery, promoting events such as webinars or seminars, and promoting courses or affiliate programs.

Sell a Product or Some Service:

To earn money through email marketing, first select a product or service worth promoting. Then you need to create compelling emails utilizing dynamic subject lines designed specifically for each subscriber group.

I have an email capture form on my TraintoFightBack.com website. I say in the email sign-up form headline: Learn Moves to Knock an Opponent Out or Down! If someone gives their name and phone number, I send them a link to watch 5 knock out moves on video.

Once you get their email you can then follow up with content on self-defense and add in products or courses they may be interested in trying.

You can sell them:

  • Ebooks
  • Online courses
  • 1-hour training courses
  • Memberships
  • Affiliate products
  • Useful workshops
  • Valuable tools or software

The best way to sell a product or service is by matching the tastes of your targeted customers.

Affiliate Marketing:

Email marketing is a great way to get your products or services in front of potential customers even before you have them! The best part about email marketing is you don’t need a product or service when getting started.

How does it work? It’s simple, really: just find an affiliate program that pays commissions for every customer referral you send.

You then send emails that are informational to help your customers with whatever niche you are in.  Then you sprinkle in links to affiliate programs with businesses or people you have partnered with, and you get a percent of the sale.  

You should be recommending products or services you would or have used.

How to Get Started in Email Affiliate Marketing

Let’s discuss how to start email affiliate marketing? First, join affiliate programs that align with your niche.

I have a self-defense website where I have videos and articles on self-defense. When sending emails, I would not add links to gardening tools.

You want to give value in your emails and then every once in awhile promote boxing gloves you have used before. If you just send email after email asking people to buy this or buy that, they will just unsubscribe.

Exclusive Products or Upsell Premium

We all know that email marketing is an excellent way to make more money. What about when you want to give your customers some exclusive products or offer upsell premium?

Offering exclusive products is when you give your loyal customers a chance to get access to buy an exclusive new product before anyone else.

Upselling is offering some additional products and services at the time customer’s order.

You would do this in the emails you send when staying in contact with your customers.

Cross-Sell Related Products

Cross selling is straight forward. You offer customers products that align with something they have already bought online or are buying currently.

A mom buys a back yard splash pool for her small kids, and you can offer them toys for the pool before she gets to the online checkout. This is cross selling made simple.

“Hello Jim,

I hope you are doing well.

You bought a “product 1” from us, so we are delighted to announce that we have just launched a similar product “product 2”. We are giving a 20% discount to our regular customers so show our appreciation.


Business Owner

You Will Help

  • Increase your revenue with related products
  • Get more customers through cross-selling
  • Find a way to keep customers loyal and engaged with you

Recurring Purchases

Recurring purchases are a great way to keep your customers coming back for more. Email marketing is an outstanding method of reminding them about the latest and best products or services you offer.  

You can also provide useful information that they cannot seem to live without like insider pricing promotions, seasonal deals, informational content & new product announcements.

Email Campaigns

You need to hustle to get your business out there. But the best way of doing so is by using email auto responders. These are great tools for sending emails in a timely and/or automated fashion. You do not have to create emails every single time you need something sent. You create 10, 20 or even 30 emails to be delivered to a person’s email at timed intervals.

You can send a welcome email the first 5 minutes after someone signs up for your eBook or newsletter. Then you can create emails to send out every week or twice a week depending on your users for your niche.

These services provide automated sending intervals with thousands of emails at once for companies like yours to reach the most people possible!

How Much Can You Earn Doing Email Marketing?

This is the most asked question. So, in short, there is not any set amount of money you can make with an email list. If done right, you can earn a lot but there are several variables.

What you need to do:

  • Write great emails that are engaging
  • Do not sell every time you send an email
  • Test the copy to see what increases conversion
  • Add value
  • If pitching an affiliate program, make sure it is one you would use or are using


Email marketing is the key to controlling the money you make. The larger the list and the more you add value to your readers the more money you can make.

If you do not have an email list on your site, then go start today. Here is a list of email marketing companies you can use to get started.

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